Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines knowledge as the condition of having information. It is also the range of what we understand. We all have our own definition of knowledge. But are we aware of its true significance? Do you even realize how important it is that we become well-versed?

Knowledge is powerful! Abu Bakr said that knowedge is the life of our minds. I have 3 major points to present today. First is that I strongly agree with Bakr’s statement about knowledge. It is true since without knowledge, our minds might as well be dead. Think about it, decision-making comes across our paths every single day. With insufficient information, how will we be able to know if we did the right thing or not? How would we know if the decision is fair and logical? In the absence of cognition, we cannot make healthy judgments nor can we form reliable conclusions.

My next point is that, the greater the knowledge you gain implies the greater the power you attain. Always remember that people who have extensive knowledge has a degree of advantage to others. Let’s take for example Jose Rizal. We all know that he is a very intelligent man. Rizal didn’t use bloodshed to fight against the Spanish colonizers. Instead, he used his mind; he used what he knows and imparted them to his fellowmen by means of writing. With this, he had the power to open the eyes of the Filipinos to see the truth. He was able to influence people to fight for what is right and for what is theirs. That is how powerful one’s knowledge can be.

My third point is knowledge is a great investment. Benjamin Franklin said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Cars, machineries, equipment and other assets are certainly beneficial investments but take note that none of those things can ever subdue knowledge. Why? It is because those things— cars and other investments can be stolen from you; they have a tendency to become obsolete in the future. On the contrary, knowledge can never be stolen from you. No one and nothing can ever take it away from you. As long as we are well-educated, we’ll be able to continue harvesting the fruits of our labor. We’ll be capable enough of making efficacious decisions that will result to the betterment of our lives.

Knowledge can be acquired by learning, education and experience. We, students, must realize how lucky we are for not all people can yield enough money for college education. Cherish every moment you experience in life since experience is the best way to gain knowledge while developing yourself.

On the whole, knowledge plays a vital role to us. It has the ability to shape our lives. With the proper use of it, we can change the world. Again, we can use it to influence and to inspire others to act for what is right. Use your knowledge decently and let us all make a step towards a better nation!


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