Prove Them Wrong

I just finished my first year in college. There have been happy days and tough days. To be honest, most of it is tough days. I learned that it really is true what they’re saying. College is WAY more different than high school. I’ve never felt this pressure before. There will always be those times where quizzes, assignments, research papers, and reports are to be passed on the same date. It is indeed stressful. Despite of the situation, I can say that so far I did great.

“In life, we don’t always get what we deserve. We don’t always receive what we should receive.” When I say I do my best, I’m not lying. I really did. There is this one subject that I felt distressed because I didn’t get the grade I deserved. The moment I saw my grade, I know that what he gave me isn’t righteous.  I am attending classes, doing activities, passing assignments, getting high scores. That is why the grade he gave me is very unpromising. You have to learn that even though there are people who will try to bring you down, you shouldn’t let them get into you. Remember, as the saying goes, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” You cannot let them make you believe that you’re undervalued. Do not let them underestimate you. Remember to “keep moving forward”.

There’s this professor who called me “talkative” just because he once caught me asking my seatmate. Because of the humiliation he gave me, I became even more determined to prove myself to them. I did best in that subject and eventually I became one of the highest scorers in class. I was able to prove myself to them. You see? Don’t let what people say make you think less of yourself. Instead, prove them wrong. Do your best and make them see who you really are!


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