Education—a top priority

“Education—a top priority”

            “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela once said. This statement is undeniably true since education is indeed very significant to us. You can use the knowledge you have to change your current status, to fight for your rights, to alter your reputation and to generate many more beneficial effects in your life. Let’s take Rizal for example. He used the power of his power of his mind to build tactics to fight against the Spaniards. He strategized; he didn’t blend in with the typical bloody protest. Instead, he used his knowledge and wrote what he knows to expose the wrongdoings of the Spanish colonizers. This is one excellent testimony of how one person can use education as a weapon.

One out of five Filipino Families is impoverished. Approximately 64.9 million Filipinos are poor. Heaps of kids are being deprived of the education they deserved because of financial problems. I believe that UNIFAST (Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Higher and Technical Education) Bill would be a lot of help to Filipinos especially to the needy. This bill strive to strengthen, harmonize and refocus the existing student financial assistance programs to make them more targeted to the poor, giving priority to students whose families are beneficiaries of the government’s Conditional Cash Transfer Program.

Angara authored Senate Bill 58 or the UNIFAST Bill. He is also one of the authors of the Universal Kindergarten Education Act, which mandates government to provide free kindergarten education to Filipino children. The senator has also filed S.B. 59 or the Bill of Rights for New Graduates which would assist each new graduate with employment and business opportunities. It is exhilarating to know that the government still stays focused on the improvement of the education system of our country despite of the other issues coming along. It is just appropriate to create more bills that will contribute to the improvement of the learning quality since the education is the foundation of our future. Our country’s tomorrow depends on the hands of the youth. And if these youngsters don’t get the enough erudition they need, what will happen to our nation? What will be the life of the future generations?

As you can see, education is definitely very important; it should always be the top priority. As of December 2013, a survey states that 95.4% is the current literacy rate in the Philippines. Hopefully one day, each and every Filipino citizen will become literate. The establishment of schools, the rehabilitation of the classrooms, the advancement of the system, the development of the programs serves as our investment for a brighter tomorrow.


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