Open your minds to Contentment

Most of us hope for that something you wish you had, to be contented. For example, you want to upgrade your cell phone or maybe buy new clothes or probably have a new car. Do you think these are essential for one’s life?

Nowadays, people are getting spendthrift just because they want to go with the flow. In some cases, people are only buying stuffs to show off to their peers. They want to have that “in thing” especially when a new product comes out in the market and everyone you know is using it, and then suddenly, you are encouraged to buy one too just to have that trendy stuff. If it isn’t for the sake of being updated you wouldn’t buy that stuff for sure especially if it isn’t much of your type.

Have you ever heard of contentment? Perhaps yes, but I guess most of you aren’t contented. Being contented means realizing true happiness does not depend on material conditions, being grateful for what we have and managing it with care.

You know what? We should open our minds to contentment because without it, we have those endless desires we would want to have. Many of us exert lots of effort just to convince our parents to buy something that we want to have. Before being disappointed when your parents reject your requests, think about their uphill struggle just to supply us our needs. Of course they would prioritize to give you the things you really need instead of buying you stuff you desire to have.

For clarification, one must know the difference of needs and wants in order to be contented. Needs are the things that are essential for a living while wants are usually those material things we crave for. Another thing is that we should keep in mind Socrates’ quote, “Contentment is natural wealth, and luxury is artificial poverty.” You can always control yourself when it comes to buying stuffs. Remember to buy only the things you really need and not the things you want. There are times people get blinded on material things which you think your life wouldn’t be complete without it.

Generally speaking, people should be aware that material things wouldn’t give us true happiness. We can only find our true happiness when we got contented on what we have and when we learn to value every moment with our loved ones.


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