Why choose Baguio?

Want to have the coolest vacation ever? Try checking out Baguio, “the summer capital of the Philippines”, and I assure you that you won’t ever regret going there. You might even thank me for this little tip.

Baguio (Photo credit: ossiak)

Why choose Baguio? Every year, tourists from all over the country and even tourists from outside the country, visit the exquisite Baguio. The area has an elevation of 1,400 meters; this causes the cooler temperature in the place. The summits of the plateau offer panoramic views. I’m pretty sure you and your family would love to see the breathtaking view at the summit! Aside from that, Baguio also offers you glimpse of the Amburayan Valley at the Mines View Park. Lourdes Grotto, Baguio-Mountain Province Museum, Burnham Park, and Baguio Cathedral are only some of the many places you’d surely adore in Baguio.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next getaway trip to Baguio now. I promise you’ll love it there.


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