Never Smoke


Never Smoke! 

Have you ever tried to smoke? Or are you even planning to? If you are, well then, think again.  Nowadays, many people of different age groups smoke; Old, young, adult and even teen smoke. We really can’t deny that there are people who love to smoke in the neighborhood.

Teens are getting more adventurous and explorative these days. We tend to try new stuffs plus we are easily influenced by the people around us such as our peers –some of the most influential people in our life. We always want to “go with the flow” and try the “in thing.”  That is exactly the reason why a teen gets easily involved in drugs, smoking and other inappropriate things that shouldn’t be done. But think about it, would it cause us something good? Do YOU think that would make us look cool? Or maybe the right question is… Would it make us look ”that COOL enough” to risk our lives with it? Trust me, it’s never worth risking.

Once we try to smoke, we won’t get enough of it because of its addictive sensation that can create an impact on one’s health. Smoking tobacco is both a psychological habit and a physical addiction. The act of smoking is ingrained as a daily ritual and, at the same time, the nicotine from cigarettes provides a temporary, and addictive, high. A single cigarette contains over 4000 chemicals, including 200 known poisons and more than 60 carcinogens. Can you imagine what could those chemicals do to our health?

“Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health and it kills.” I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with this note. This is the note that is enclosed in a box of cigarettes. If you’re still not aware, Smoking not only causes more than 15 types of cancers (including cancer of the lungs, mouth, voice box, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, pancreas, cervix, stomach, and some leukemia) but also gives you a higher risk on having heart attack, stroke, and blood clots of the legs.

A recent study showed that THE Philippines is now number one in smoking in Southeast Asia. It’s not merely a surprise anymore because it’s obviously seen everywhere. Anywhere in the Philippines you go, you will always see people out there smoking in public places mainly in the streets.

In a statement citing World Health Organization (WHO) studies, Health Secretary Enrique Ona said that the country tops its regional neighbors in terms of smoking. He added that the number of teenage smokers is rising. Boys between 13 and 15 years old comprise 28.3 percent of tobacco users in the country today, while girls in the same age group make up 17.5 percent, according to Ona. Sadly, the numbers of smokers in our country is continually growing.

Each and every time you smoke, it shortens your life expectancy. It provides you more probability to die younger. The CDC estimates that adult male smokers lose an average of 13.2 years of life and female smokers lose 14.5 years of life because of smoking, and given the diseases that smoking can cause, it can steal your quality of life before you die. So, before we even think about smoking, we should ask our self first. Do we really want to live having shorter and low quality of life?

            Just imagine it, if you end up having a lung cancer for example, you won’t be able to enjoy life because you’re more likely to attend chemo therapies and other treatments for the disease you have. You might even end up being penniless because of those expensive medicines and checkups or worse your body might slowly weaken and refuse the medicines and experience a slow painful death.

The government implied laws regarding smoking. Those who are caught smoking in public places in Manila are to be fined 500 pesos ($11), which is more than the daily minimum wage in the impoverished country, and those who cannot pay the fine will be made to do community service. We firmly believe that the number of smokers will be reduced if the project is well supported by the Filipino citizens.

Aside from that, President Benigno Aquino III signed the Sin Tax reform bill into law last year. The Sin Tax Bill aims to raise additional revenues by increasing taxes in so called “sin products” such as alcohol and cigarettes. In this case, the number of smokers will eventually lessen due to almost double price hike.

A large part of the revenues that will be collected would go to the government’s health care program and for the construction and upgrade of local and major hospitals nationwide. It will not only decrease the number of smokers; it will surely be beneficial for those people in need of health services too.

To sum it all, smoking tobacco is addictive and it’s a bad habit. It can cause us different types of deadly diseases. Our government took a step on having a smoke free country. Just remember to never try to smoke and to never think about doing it.






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