Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines knowledge as the condition of having information. It is also the range of what we understand. We all have our own definition of knowledge. But are we aware of its true significance? Do you even realize how important it is that we become well-versed?

Knowledge is powerful! Abu Bakr said that knowedge is the life of our minds. I have 3 major points to present today. First is that I strongly agree with Bakr’s statement about knowledge. It is true since without knowledge, our minds might as well be dead. Think about it, decision-making comes across our paths every single day. With insufficient information, how will we be able to know if we did the right thing or not? How would we know if the decision is fair and logical? In the absence of cognition, we cannot make healthy judgments nor can we form reliable conclusions.

My next point is that, the greater the knowledge you gain implies the greater the power you attain. Always remember that people who have extensive knowledge has a degree of advantage to others. Let’s take for example Jose Rizal. We all know that he is a very intelligent man. Rizal didn’t use bloodshed to fight against the Spanish colonizers. Instead, he used his mind; he used what he knows and imparted them to his fellowmen by means of writing. With this, he had the power to open the eyes of the Filipinos to see the truth. He was able to influence people to fight for what is right and for what is theirs. That is how powerful one’s knowledge can be.

My third point is knowledge is a great investment. Benjamin Franklin said that an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Cars, machineries, equipment and other assets are certainly beneficial investments but take note that none of those things can ever subdue knowledge. Why? It is because those things— cars and other investments can be stolen from you; they have a tendency to become obsolete in the future. On the contrary, knowledge can never be stolen from you. No one and nothing can ever take it away from you. As long as we are well-educated, we’ll be able to continue harvesting the fruits of our labor. We’ll be capable enough of making efficacious decisions that will result to the betterment of our lives.

Knowledge can be acquired by learning, education and experience. We, students, must realize how lucky we are for not all people can yield enough money for college education. Cherish every moment you experience in life since experience is the best way to gain knowledge while developing yourself.

On the whole, knowledge plays a vital role to us. It has the ability to shape our lives. With the proper use of it, we can change the world. Again, we can use it to influence and to inspire others to act for what is right. Use your knowledge decently and let us all make a step towards a better nation!

Prove Them Wrong

I just finished my first year in college. There have been happy days and tough days. To be honest, most of it is tough days. I learned that it really is true what they’re saying. College is WAY more different than high school. I’ve never felt this pressure before. There will always be those times where quizzes, assignments, research papers, and reports are to be passed on the same date. It is indeed stressful. Despite of the situation, I can say that so far I did great.

“In life, we don’t always get what we deserve. We don’t always receive what we should receive.” When I say I do my best, I’m not lying. I really did. There is this one subject that I felt distressed because I didn’t get the grade I deserved. The moment I saw my grade, I know that what he gave me isn’t righteous.  I am attending classes, doing activities, passing assignments, getting high scores. That is why the grade he gave me is very unpromising. You have to learn that even though there are people who will try to bring you down, you shouldn’t let them get into you. Remember, as the saying goes, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” You cannot let them make you believe that you’re undervalued. Do not let them underestimate you. Remember to “keep moving forward”.

There’s this professor who called me “talkative” just because he once caught me asking my seatmate. Because of the humiliation he gave me, I became even more determined to prove myself to them. I did best in that subject and eventually I became one of the highest scorers in class. I was able to prove myself to them. You see? Don’t let what people say make you think less of yourself. Instead, prove them wrong. Do your best and make them see who you really are!

Fast food… Is it Safe?

At the present time, it is very evident that people around the world get even more addicted with fast food meals. Yes, it is indeed appetizing, quick and convenient. But come to think of it, is it safe? Is it really okay to be attached to this kind of habit?

Fast food is high in fat and calories. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, recommend that healthy adults under age 51 limit their daily sodium to fewer than 2,300 mg. One fast food meal alone can put you over that limit: a fast food chicken dinner contains 2,243 mg of sodium, a fish sandwich has 882 mg, and 1 oz of cheese on your burger contains 406 mg, according to Colorado State University Extension. As you can see, too much fat and calories is ruinous to our body. It is important for us to be aware of what we are eating. Just because a food is delicious, doesn’t mean that it’s healthy and it’s okay for us to eat it for like all the time.

I think that we, people, should live a healthy lifestyle by eating organic food and eating less preserved food. I am not saying that we should never eat fast food, what I’m saying is that we should reduce the ingestion of it as much as possible. According to research, twice a week of fast food is already risky to our health. Not only does the regular intake of fast foods weaken our health, but most fast food contains plenty of harmful chemical additives, such as preservatives, flavoring agents, and pesticides. Now ask yourself, how often do you eat fast food?

Another fact is that fast food may speed up people’s risk of clogged arteries that can lead to heart attacks. Researchers at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in San Francisco have demonstrated that a certain type of fat, called oxidized fat, can accelerate the buildup of plaque in arteries. And many types of fast food such as hamburgers, pizza and French fries are loaded with oxidized fat. In 2010, 36.9 percent of Americans had heart disease, a number the American Heart Association projects will climb to 40.5 percent by the year 2030.

All in all, I believe that fast food is unhealthy. It has tons of harmful effects that have a huge impact on our health. Before wanting to eat in a fast food chain, think about all the consequences first that you’ll have to face in the future. Eating fast food is a bad habit and it should be controlled. Start living a healthy lifestyle as early as now.

Education—a top priority

“Education—a top priority”

            “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” Nelson Mandela once said. This statement is undeniably true since education is indeed very significant to us. You can use the knowledge you have to change your current status, to fight for your rights, to alter your reputation and to generate many more beneficial effects in your life. Let’s take Rizal for example. He used the power of his power of his mind to build tactics to fight against the Spaniards. He strategized; he didn’t blend in with the typical bloody protest. Instead, he used his knowledge and wrote what he knows to expose the wrongdoings of the Spanish colonizers. This is one excellent testimony of how one person can use education as a weapon.

One out of five Filipino Families is impoverished. Approximately 64.9 million Filipinos are poor. Heaps of kids are being deprived of the education they deserved because of financial problems. I believe that UNIFAST (Unified Student Financial Assistance System for Higher and Technical Education) Bill would be a lot of help to Filipinos especially to the needy. This bill strive to strengthen, harmonize and refocus the existing student financial assistance programs to make them more targeted to the poor, giving priority to students whose families are beneficiaries of the government’s Conditional Cash Transfer Program.

Angara authored Senate Bill 58 or the UNIFAST Bill. He is also one of the authors of the Universal Kindergarten Education Act, which mandates government to provide free kindergarten education to Filipino children. The senator has also filed S.B. 59 or the Bill of Rights for New Graduates which would assist each new graduate with employment and business opportunities. It is exhilarating to know that the government still stays focused on the improvement of the education system of our country despite of the other issues coming along. It is just appropriate to create more bills that will contribute to the improvement of the learning quality since the education is the foundation of our future. Our country’s tomorrow depends on the hands of the youth. And if these youngsters don’t get the enough erudition they need, what will happen to our nation? What will be the life of the future generations?

As you can see, education is definitely very important; it should always be the top priority. As of December 2013, a survey states that 95.4% is the current literacy rate in the Philippines. Hopefully one day, each and every Filipino citizen will become literate. The establishment of schools, the rehabilitation of the classrooms, the advancement of the system, the development of the programs serves as our investment for a brighter tomorrow.

Open your minds to Contentment

Most of us hope for that something you wish you had, to be contented. For example, you want to upgrade your cell phone or maybe buy new clothes or probably have a new car. Do you think these are essential for one’s life?

Nowadays, people are getting spendthrift just because they want to go with the flow. In some cases, people are only buying stuffs to show off to their peers. They want to have that “in thing” especially when a new product comes out in the market and everyone you know is using it, and then suddenly, you are encouraged to buy one too just to have that trendy stuff. If it isn’t for the sake of being updated you wouldn’t buy that stuff for sure especially if it isn’t much of your type.

Have you ever heard of contentment? Perhaps yes, but I guess most of you aren’t contented. Being contented means realizing true happiness does not depend on material conditions, being grateful for what we have and managing it with care.

You know what? We should open our minds to contentment because without it, we have those endless desires we would want to have. Many of us exert lots of effort just to convince our parents to buy something that we want to have. Before being disappointed when your parents reject your requests, think about their uphill struggle just to supply us our needs. Of course they would prioritize to give you the things you really need instead of buying you stuff you desire to have.

For clarification, one must know the difference of needs and wants in order to be contented. Needs are the things that are essential for a living while wants are usually those material things we crave for. Another thing is that we should keep in mind Socrates’ quote, “Contentment is natural wealth, and luxury is artificial poverty.” You can always control yourself when it comes to buying stuffs. Remember to buy only the things you really need and not the things you want. There are times people get blinded on material things which you think your life wouldn’t be complete without it.

Generally speaking, people should be aware that material things wouldn’t give us true happiness. We can only find our true happiness when we got contented on what we have and when we learn to value every moment with our loved ones.

Tips to be Confident

Tips to be Confident

1.      Practice good posture.

Having a good posture makes a difference; it leaves people a pleasant impression. It makes you look more respectable and more decent. AVOID SLOUCHING. It would take time for you to work on your posture especially when you’re not used to the proper posture. Nonetheless, practice makes perfect so you better start practicing now.

2.      Have faith in yourself.

Embrace yourself for who you are. Each of us is unique and beautiful in our own ways. All has strengths and weaknesses; you just have to learn how to overpower those flaws. Don’t pretend like somebody else. Just like what they say, “You were born an original, don’t die as a pirated.”

3.      Say no to anxiety.

Whenever you feel those nerves come rushing through your veins giving you an uneasy feeling, fight it! Tell yourself something heartening to calm you down. Enlighten yourself “I can do this.”

4.      Dress properly and maintain cleanliness.

Make sure you look good whenever you go to school or even when you just walk in the streets. Being clean and being properly dressed helps boost up your buoyancy.



Why choose Baguio?

Want to have the coolest vacation ever? Try checking out Baguio, “the summer capital of the Philippines”, and I assure you that you won’t ever regret going there. You might even thank me for this little tip.


Baguio (Photo credit: ossiak)                  

Why choose Baguio? Every year, tourists from all over the country and even tourists from outside the country, visit the exquisite Baguio. The area has an elevation of 1,400 meters; this causes the cooler temperature in the place. The summits of the plateau offer panoramic views. I’m pretty sure you and your family would love to see the breathtaking view at the summit! Aside from that, Baguio also offers you glimpse of the Amburayan Valley at the Mines View Park. Lourdes Grotto, Baguio-Mountain Province Museum, Burnham Park, and Baguio Cathedral are only some of the many places you’d surely adore in Baguio.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next getaway trip to Baguio now. I promise you’ll love it there.